Atlantis Jewelry

About Us

Tadeusz Malkowski first completed a technical college, and then he studied for two years painting and sculpturing at Academy of Arts in Zacheta. There, he had received a basic knowledge of an art history, and after intensifying studies on his own he became very well-versed in the subject matter. He used the great knowledge he possessed to invest in art. For the next few years he was practicing the jeweler profession at one of the best jewelry shop in Warsaw. These years of practice were the turning point in his professional life and the most rewarding experience. For the next ten years he was working for the famous and reputable jewelry store in Warsaw at Chelmska Street.

In 1990 Tadeusz immigrated to Chicago with his whole family. At the beginning he worked for three years at a jewelry store in Down Town Chicago. During the next eight years he worked at Service Merchandise Store in Niles, then at Jared Gallery of Jewelry in Skokie, and then finally in the year of 2000 he opened his own jewelry store. Jewelry making and art collecting became Tadeusz’ great passions.
At present Tadeusz Malkowski is an owner of jewelry store “Atlantis” in Niles. For many years now, with true passion and dedication he has been making dreams of many come true. Those dreams become real when Tadeusz shapes them out of the most beautiful gems and precious stones. The imagination has no limits here. “Atlantis” is famous for the best quality of goldsmith products. The great public relation and a good name of the company is based on trust, understanding and satisfaction of many, happy customers. Tadeusz also makes sure that a beautiful jewelry would be an affordable luxury. He offers his clients professional service and always expertise in subject matter.